Pinnacle Equities is a full-service corporate advisory boutique, specializing in Business Consulting, Corporate Finance and Tax & Accounting. Our services are designed to meet the ongoing needs of businesses from start-up through to exit, and everything in between.

Pinnacle’s goal is to assist small and medium sized businesses reach their growth objectives and build long-term, sustainable profits for their shareholders. Our team of experts have built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional results even in the most complex of situations.

Our company is managed by two driven and successful individuals. Both possess strong leadership and the necessary passion for our clients to succeed.



Burylo, Chris
The former owner of Acute Financial Services, Mr. Burylo’s experience is multi-faceted in the areas of finance and personal tax as well as business tax and life insurance. Mr. Burylo is a CPA and has been in the tax industry for 10 years in Alberta covering several industries such as real estate, exempt securities, insurance, corporate taxation, personal taxation, foreign exchanges and several key niche tax sectors. With Pinnacle’s enhanced tax team, Mr. Burylo and his team can offer the strength and stability for all clientele to succeed.

The Pinnacle Equities Management and it’s team has over 40 years experience in the finance and accounting industries. Our team has the guided experience to make all our clients enormously successful.

Mosca, Agostino
Mr. Mosca has been working in the Corporate Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions field since 2006. Prior to starting Pinnacle Equities and its subsidiaries including Pinnacle Accounting and Finance Ltd. with his business partner Chris Burylo, Mr. Mosca ran his own consulting company, Mosca Land Consulting Inc. where he worked on financing for several businesses and projects.

From 2006 to 2009, Mr. Mosca raised over $5MM in financing dollars for businesses and projects in a multitude of sectors in Western Canada and predominantly Alberta. During this time, Mr. Mosca built an outstanding rapport and trust with his clients and business contacts. These relationships have lasted until present day.

During his time with Pinnacle, Mr. Mosca has helped finance over $75MM worth of deals from 2009 to 2017 for transactions focused again in the North American region but also expanded to areas across Europe and Asia.

Mr. Mosca brings outstanding people skills and management retention qualities that have translated to growth and success for Pinnacle. He clearly understands what is needed to find the right financiers for each particular deal. Furthermore, Mr. Mosca creates a trust with these clients that is unmatched by other colleagues in the finance industry. Mr. Mosca’s ability to think creatively on deal structure as well as deal partners has allowed him to put Pinnacle Equities and its subsidiary Pinnacle Finance on the radar of numerous companies in Alberta and North America as a reliable source for financing options.