Here are just a few examples of recent deals Pinnacle has consulted and worked on with our clients:

Deal 1

  • An industrial and commercial development near the Calgary International Airport.
  • Private Investors wanted to reacquire this parcel for continued development and sale of industrial and commercial lots.
  • Pinnacle’s roles and responsibilities were to provide introductions for financing and liaison the transaction of $11MM with a private capital company in Ontario.

Deal 2

  • An expanding healthy food service shop originally located within inner city Calgary, now expanded to Calgary Farmer’s Market.
  • The goal of this project was to provide financials and a strategy to investors to contribute funds for expansion of the location in the Farmer’s Market and an exclusive contract for a private school.
  • Pinnacle’s roles and responsibilities were to outline the strategy and implementation for expansion funds worth approximately $1.5MM. Also, Pinnacle provided detailed financials for the business and expansion.

Deal 3

  • A Calgary based developer that is looking to develop three luxury neighborhoods in the southern and central Alberta areas.
  • This group needed to create a business plan to fund the entire building and acquisition scope of their three projects.
  • Pinnacle’s roles and responsibilities were to outline a full business plan for strategy of acquisition to exit of each project worth approximately $50MM. This included budgets for all three development projects.

Deal 4

  • A private roofing company based in Calgary.
  • The owner was retained Pinnacle’s tax and corporate advisory/finance departments for a full service strategy that included a business plan, full financials and eventual institutional financing via Pinnacle’s sources.
  • Pinnacle’s roles and responsibilities were to co-ordinate, strategize and close corporate financing needed for a Management Buy-Out for this private roofing company as they transitioned to new management and shareholders. The total transactions were worth approximately $1.2MM.

Deal 5

  • A private business entrepreneur in Calgary with multiple popular franchises.
  • This business owner needed immediate bridge financing and financing backed by sales within their business.
  • Pinnacle’s roles and responsibilities were to comprise a strategy to structure the immediate financing needed and co-ordinate the closing on behalf of the client worth approximately $500K.

Deal 6

  • A private start up Oil and Gas energy trust.
  • This group had small Oil holdings in Alberta and was looking to expand with a larger trust model and pool of capital to acquire further assets.
  • Pinnacle’s roles and responsibilities were to organize the trust structure and paperwork for the group to be able to acquire capital and assets worth approximately $10MM.

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